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WHEN ARE YOU AVAILABLE TO START? I'm usually available for our initial discovery call within a few days of your enquiry. I will then work on your free, no-obligation quotation and give an indication of availabilty for booking in your project. A typical start date is then usually within 2-3 weeks.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? A simple, 2-3 page website could be designed and launched within several weeks depending on your availability to feedback and sign-off changes. For larger websites or those that contain more complex content, (such as accepting booking and payments), the process can take a month or two.

HOW WILL I PAY FOR MY NEW WEBSITE? I usually provide advice on how to purchase your domain name and web hosting package directly from WIX or Squarespace so that the renewable billing cycle is all set-up with your details. I don't earn any commission from recommending these packages. I simply find that my clients find the interface easy to use to make their own website edits. Then, once I have designed your new site and it is ready to launch, I will invoice you the final amount to be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. If you wish to pay in installments this can also be arranged.

DOES YOUR QUOTE INCLUDE VAT? I'm below the VAT threshold so there is no VAT to pay on my invoices.

HOW WILL I EDIT MY WEBSITE WHEN IT'S LIVE? My previous clients have been very happy to use WIX or Squarespace for their website hosting. These platforms are very intuitive to use and you can typically make simple changes to your website without any technical or coding knowledge. For something more bespoke, some clients have required a WordPress website with plug-ins for custom functionality. Once your website is live, I carry out a short training session to get you up to speed on making changes yourself.

WILL MY WEBSITE LOOK GOOD ON MOBILE PHONES? Testing your new website on multiple device types including desktops, laptops, tablet and mobiles is a critical part of the process. Many potential customers might get their first impression of your business by looking at your website on a mobile phone so it's essential that your site exceeds expectations in this respect.

DO YOU WORK WITH CLIENTS WHO ARE NOT UK BASED? Absolutely! The beauty of online is that it gives flexibility to my clients and myself to work from anywhere. If you'd prefer to keep in touch over email during the design phase this works well and I also tend to have checkpoint calls or video meetings with clients throughout the process.

CAN YOU HELP WITH PHOTOGRAPHY AND IMAGES ON MY SITE? Although my skills lie mainly in website design, not graphic design, depending on your needs I can certainly help provide imagery for your site using applications such as Canva. If you don't have high quality photography of your business, products and services I can also source suitable stock photos for use on your website. Stock photos sometimes come with a small fee (a few £s) but many are available for free.

WHAT WILL YOU NEED FROM ME TO GET STARTED? On our initial discovery call, we will review designs and websites in your industry that reflect aspects of what you're aiming to achieve. I will also ask you to send me high resolution images of your business logo as this is often a good starting point for the site's colour palette. If you have high quality photography of your business or products, I would also request copies of these. Then, I can begin work on a design mock-up for discussion on our follow-up call.


Your website is a window to your business.

With a well-designed, user-friendly website, you can showcase your products or services in their best light and gain more loyal customers.


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